Zing, the shopkeeper of Gadgets and Gizmos and one of the fastest Bin Weevils in the Bin!

Zing is a member of the Bing Family and is the third most famous Bin Weevil in the family (the first being Fling and the second being Bing.) She was the shopkeeper of Gadgets and Gizmos, before Nestco and Bin Mart replaced it. The other three shopkeepers that were replaced were:

Zing was actually believed to be a boy when she was first introduced in Gadgets and Gizmos. Also, in the Adventures of Tink & Clott cartoons, in Bing's episode, a male Bin Weevil wearing a party hat (Zing's hat) was singing a Christmas carol with the other Bings.

Zing has red lipstick, a pink sashe with silver stars on it, a purple party hat with yellow, orange and green spots on it, and brown eyes. Also, since she is a member of the Bing Family (excluding Thing) she is yellow.


Zing is the third member of the Bing Family and the most active Bin Weevil in the family. She loves to take a peek at all the gadgets Lab is constantly creating! She loves spending time with her family - especially her big brother Fling! They always have dance comps at family reunions, and, unsurprisingly, Fling always wins! She is one of the three females in the Bing Family, the other two being Bling and Sling.

Bin Buddies

Zing has a lot of Bin Buddies, especially weevils who LOVE gadgets! Her friends include:

Zip, Ham, Fling, Bling, Bing, Thing, Sling, Lab, Fab, Grunt and Flem