Weevil Air is an airplane system used by weevils to travel to distant locations or locations over the sea. It is usually used to arrive at Mulch Island, although some special advertising events have their own areas.

Boarding ticket

The boarding ticket for Weevil Air used to cost 2 Mulch, but it is now free to travel using Weevil Air.



They run services to Mulch Island and other advertising destinations from the Binscape, and they might be responsible for the airline services to and from Mulch Island's outlying islands and atols.


It relies on aeroplanes with a red stripe and several windows for its long distance flights. The plane used by Flam to fly to the smaller islands around Mulch Island and another set of large planes with many windows and a blue stripe, as seen in Rum's Airport, might be run by Weevil Air as well.


Run by Weevil Air

  • Rum's Airport, the main airport serving the binscape
  • Mulch Island, a landing strip on the island of the same name

May or may not be run by Weevil Air

  • WEB Landing Strip
  • Landing Strips on most of the Mulch Island achipelligo


Uniform (Hat)


On-game description: Official Weevil Air Uniform!

The Weevil Air hat that is part of the uniform can be bought at Hem's Hats. It costs 35 Dosh. The hat has the Weevil Air logo on it. The hat is dark blue around, and at the top, it is a lighter blue.

Weevil Air's logo has a shape curved at the sides and around. At the top of the shape, there is a red antenna. Inside the shape it is divided into red and white. In the red part, it says "weevil" in white text, designed similar to the one in the Bin Weevils current logo. In the white part, it says "air" in red text.



A plane that possibly is run by Weevil Air, as seen on the Bin Weevils homepage

Planes that are run by Weevil Air have a red stripe, matching the shade of red used in the logo, and other planes that that possibly are also run by Weevil Air have a blue stripe instead of the red one. The planes run by Flam, and possibly Weevil Air, around Mulch Island are yellow and undecorated. None of the three liveries seem to bear any resemblance to the logo or uniform, which seem to match.