Rums airport and figgs

Tums Diner and Airport. Before Tums used to be in shopping mall and only for tycoons. The airport used to be called Rums Cove.

Tums Diner


Rum's Cove







Opening date

Old bin,

Closing date

Still open



Tum's Diner is where the weevils eat (also Figgs Cafe). It sells food apart from the music (Weevils a' Runnin') and drinks.

This restaurant stands proudly beside the airport, and hasn't changed since it moved there!

It sells food which would be yummy to weevils. Just like at Figg's, each food costs 25 mulch (Apart from the drinks and the ice cream, which cost 10, and the drinks at Tums cost 10 mulch too.)

It has an advert on the outside, and you can play music by clicking on the old fashioned record player inside. You can also be the chef, and produce food which your waiters and waitresses can deliver to customers, which often causes fights like at the D.J chair at club fling.

Tums Diner was previously situated at the top of the old Shopping Mall and was only available to Tycoons. However, it was moved to Rum's Cove during the revamp because it was 'making the Shopping Mall even buiser than it normally was'. It has remained at Rum's Cove without change ever since.

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