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Transcript: Bin Weevils Cartoon - Guest Starring Rigg

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Ink is lazy. Because of that, this article is still in progress, because no reason included. Anyone can add to it.


[machine noises]
[scratching head]
Rigg: Where are Tink and Clott with my building Mulch?
[digging up Mulch]
[putting into wheelbarrow]
[digging up Mulch]
[Mulch goes on Tink's face]
Tink: Clott!
Clott: Oh, sorry, Tink.
[wiping off Mulch off face]
Tink: You, bimfer! We'll never finish at this rate!
Clott: Okay, Tink, I'll shovel faster.
[digging up Mulch fast]
[Tink covered in Mulch]
Tink: Oh, Clott!
Rigg: We'll finish scaffolding next.
[tapping pole]
[builder losing balance]
[builder falling]
Builder: Ahh!
[digging up Mulch]
[putting in wheelbarrow]
[digging out Mulch]

Tink: Clott, what are you doing?

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