Dosh: Lovely clean money!
Clott: I want a go, Tink! Please, let me have a go!
Tink: Okay, Clott, but be careful!
Clott: I'm not an idiot, Tink. Ahh!
Tink: Ahh!
[fences smash]
[moving in Mulch]
Dosh: [gasp] You bimfin' idiots, look at what you've done to all my lovely money!
Tink: Oh, sorry, Dosh!
Dosh: [scream] Get my money cleaned up, or you're for it!
[throwing money in machine]
Tink: I better put it on a cool wash, I don't wanna shrink it!
Clott: Okay, Tink. Woah, woah, woah! Dizzy.
[switch moves to hot wash]
[money being washed]
Tink: Ta-da!
Dosh: [scream] You've shrunk my money!
Tink: Oops!
Dosh: You two better sort this out.
[bringing in machine]
Tink: This should do it!
[steering wheel]
Tink: It's working!
Clott: I want a go!
Tink: Alright, but be careful!
[steering wheel]
Clott: Oh, it's harder than it looks, Tink! . . . Tink?
Tink: Oh, Clott!
Tink: All sorted, Dosh!
[picking up money]
Dosh: Good. Now, Clott, take this cash, and put it in the safe before you do any more damage.
[carrying money]
Clott: Umm . . .
[stuffs money in oven]
[closes oven]
Dosh: What's that burnin' smell?
Tink: Clott, you were supposed to put the money in the safe, not the oven!
Clott: Oops!
Dosh: Tink, Clott!


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