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Thing binweevils

Thing's Mulch Mayhem trading card.

Thing (Also known as Frankingweevil) is one of the freakiest looking Bin Weevils in the Bin (Even freakier than Pab.) Thing was created by Lab during one of his experiments, and he is related to the Bing Family because of his name.

He is green, unlike the rest of his family, who are yellow, and his nose has a rip halfway down it. His head is red at the top, and he had huge nails sticking out of the side of his head. He can also take his head off his body, as he is doing in the picture. He has a torn, blue waistcoat, and half of his body is yellow. He has a foot where a hand should be, and a hand where a foot should be to make him even more scary!


Thing is the only member of the Bing Family to have green skin. He is rarely seen with the rest of his family, especially Fling! His red eyes are similar to Bing, but that is his only similarity to the Christmas-loving Bin Weevil.