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Golden Bin Weevil Hunt

Tycoons Only


Start Date

25th January 2012

End Date

25th March 2012



The Golden Bin Weevil Hunt or The Golden Bin Weevil Competition was a hunt/competition only for Tycoons. It started on 25th January 2012 and ended on 25th March 2012. You find the golden bin weevil every day to get stamps, and when you get stamped on a star, you get a treat. The hub was at Gong's Pipenest, where you can check your progress.

Treats: 1000 mulch + 50 xp (2 stamps)

1500 mulch + 50 xp (4 stamps)

Golden Ticket (to the Bin Weevils Celebrity Party) (6 stamps)

2500 mulch + 75 xp - 9 stamps

Exclusive Nest Item (Golden Bin Weevil puppet) - 12 stamps

Tink's Tree Seed + 100 xp - 15 stamps

10000 mulch + 200 xp - 20 stamps

Wallpaper Comp Entry - 25 stamps

25000 mulch+ 250 xp (30 stamps) |}