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The Garden

These are areas that have only been in the bin for a short time before they are replaced with a new area.There have been lots of these areas.

Cathedral City

Cathedral city is the latest temporary area, it took over slam's party box to promote chedds by cathedral city.this area was much like Flem manor,it had a lot of puzzles,a free nest item, a free fan poster a link to the official site and much more.there was also three blocks of cheese surrounding a giant Monty (the chedds mascot) statue which when clicked took you too the chedds site to play chedd off and earn 50 mulch.


Skylands was a temporary area based on the just released videogame Skylanders:Spyro's adventure.To get there you would have to teleport via the portal of power outside Flem manor.once you got there you would have to use the many portals to get the key and enter the castle.Inside the castle there was a free nest item (which was very cool),a become a fan poster,videos of the game,an official site and a background which showed you the progress of the skylanders hunt.

The Gardens and The Kitchen

These two areas were part of the Innocent smoothies party.The garden was the first area open,before The kitchen was opened a lot of weevils had to do the crossword and collect the fruits.Once the kitchen was opened you had to find some magnets then you would get two magnets to put on the wall of your nest.Once most weevils had done this the Innocent smoothies party could begin.The party was inside a freezer and almost everything inside was frozen in ice including Clott who gives you another magnet for your nest once you free him.

Honey monster HQ

This was a very strange area inside was a bed and a radio and a table with a bowl of sugar puffs inside which when clicked turned it into a top secret HQ.there were 4 free nest items (2 had to be unlocked with codes) there was also a hunt and a link to the site.