Rigg has some nests to rebuild, but still this article needs to be rewritten, as well! It is recommended you do that before Rigg rages.
Slam's Party Box is the prime location in Binweevils were parties are held. When parties are not held, Slam's Party's box remains 'closed'.

Recently, however, Slam's Party Box has only been throwing Promotional Parties adveritising something. Which is a bit pathetic, really, because Slam's Party Box should only be for PROPER parties, but there we go.


Slam's Party Box has been around since Binweevils was first created. However, it did not hold it's first party until 2008. Slam's Party Box has looked just about the same since it was first created.

Unfortunately,Slam's Party Box has now disappeared.

List of parties held

  • Christmas
  • Easter
  • Halloween
  • New year
  • Cat party
  • Book week

Please add more to list if you know any more.


There is certain glitches but most common is how to get small at Slam's Party Box.

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