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The SWS or Secret Weevil Service are a secret agency of protagonistic weevils. Their main aim is to save the bin from WEB (Weevil Extermination Borough). They are based in Castle Gam inside their HQ (Below). Before this, it was in Flem Manor behind the left statue.

Main HQ


Their Symbol is similar to that of the old one but more metal. To get into the SWS click the safe in your nest and answer the quiz with well behaved answers.


Once you a member of the SWS, you can go on missions. There is a wide variety of missions which you can play.

During the 2012 Updates it was made that you had to be a tycoon to do many of the missions. Now you dont have to be a tycoon to do most of the Missions.

There are three types of missions. They are:

Extra Missions

  • The Lost Silver Knight
  • The Lost Blue Diamond Part 1
  • The Lost Blue Diamond Part 2
  • Totem of the Aztecs
  • Jack and the Binstalk
  • Trouble at Castle Gam Part 1
  • Trouble at Castle Gam Part 2

Special Ops

  • Raiders of the Lost Bin Pet
  • The Hunt for Weevil X
  • Danger at Dosh's Palace
  • Showdown at Tycoon TV Towers
  • Laboratory Lockdown

Case Files


List Of Mission (Order of Creation)

  • The Lost Blue Diamond Part 1
  • The Lost Blue Diamond Part 2


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