Ink is lazy. Because of that, this article is still in progress, because needs images of the types of scent flowers and the Raiders of the Lost Bin Pet section needs to be expanded.. Anyone can add to it.

Scent Flowers' are plants that can be collected from and found in Tink's Tree, and they are depicted in the SWS mission Raiders of the Lost Bin Pet in the archaelogical site. They are found in many varieties, most commonly red. They are famous for attracting bees.

Tink's Tree

At Tink's Tree, players need to click on the scent flowers on either side to give their body a glow. This glow helps attracts the flies, and the player goes near the Tree, so the flies are consumed.

Bin tycoons can collect their own scent flowers to plant in their garden when the acorns pop. None of the scent flowers that can be collected from Tink's Tree are permanent.

Raiders of the Lost Bin Pet

They are found in the location Fink guards on Mulch Island.


There are bee scent flowers, red scent flowers, blue scent flowers, green scent flowers, pink scent flowers,checkered scent flowers, and rainbow scent flowers. Red scent flowers are the most common, whereas rainbow scent flowers are the rarest, harvesting 175 XP.


  • A code exists for a bee scent flower. This is not a tycoon code unusually.


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