Rum's Airport & Tum's Diner
New Airprot
Vital statistics
Location N of Rigg's Palladium

S of Sink's Sub ENE of Lab's Lab W of Flem Manor NW of Figg's Cafe

Release Date 2007
Character Rum
Attractions Airport, Restaurant, Snappy's Photo Shop (tycoon only)
Games Rum's Luggage Rummage - Go inside Rum's Airport
3D Features? No
Rum's Airport (formerly called Rum's Cove) is an area of the Bin containing Rum's Airport, Tum's Café, and one MulchTastic prize booth. Before the second makeover, this location also had a sponsor booth.

It is located beside Gong's Pipenest and under the Shopping Mall.


It originally opened in 2007. The design for the airport then was a small cardboard box for the Terminal, and Newspaper sheets used as a Runway. There was also a shortcut to Kip's Scrapyard at the corner.

Rum's Airport

Main Article: Rum's Airport

Rum's Airport is an international airport that serves the Bin. It has frequent flights to Mulch Island, and, on occasion, to sponsored locations. These locations shall appear for about a week or two and then disappear as they are controlled by sponsorship. The airport is operated by Weevil Air. It is the only way to travel to Mulch Island.

At the beginning of 2015, its interior and exterior had a complete redesign.

Airlines and Destinations

Airline Destinations
Weevil Air Mulch Island

Seasonal: Sponsored Destinations

Weevil Air

Main Article: Weevil Air

Weevil Air is an airline used by the Bin to travel to distant locations or locations over the sea. It is usually used to arrive at Mulch Island. The boarding ticket for this cost 2 Mulch, but it was changed to a free price.

Tum's Diner

Main Article: Tum's Diner

This restaurant stands beside the airport.

Each food costs 25 mulch (except the drinks and the ice cream, which cost 10 Mulch).

It has an advert on the outside, and you can play music by clicking on the jukebox. You can also be the chef, and produce food which your waiters and waitresses can deliver to customers. The chef chair often causes fights like at the DJ chair in Club Fling.

Tum's Diner was previously situated at the top of the old Shopping Mall and was only available to Tycoons. However, it was moved to Rum's Airport during the revamp because it was 'making the Shopping Mall even busier than it normally was. It has remained at Rum's Airport without change ever since.