Rigg's Movie Multiplex (formerly known as Rigg's Palladium) is a popular place in the bin, which contains Rigg's Movie Multiplex and Weevil Post and is next to Figg's Cafe.

Rigg's Movie Multiplex

It's like two-floor cinema which consists screens. Now, there is only one screen which shows BWTV episodes (TV shows made by weevils or advertisements). Usually, there are episodes of cartoon shows.

Weevil Post & Magazines

Inside Weevil Post, you can read Best Nest (and formerly Weevil Weekly).

You can view Bin Tycoons' magazines on the magazine stand outside, and also at the shopping mall.

Also, there is a Bank Machine for Bin Tycoons.


Rigg's Movie Multiplex and Weevil Post has been redesigned and now has modern look as the opposite of milk bottle, egg holder and red cardboard.