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This article is about something which was for a period of time or is no longer in Bin Weevils.
Punt's Apartments
Vital statistics
Location Bin top, or Bin Side
Release Date Unknown, but before 2007
Character Punt
Attractions Unknown
Games Unknown
3D Features? No

Punt's Apartments (also known as Punt's Apartment) was a location on the old old Bin Weevils map, apparently replaced by Flem Manor in 2007. Despite claims that Punt's Apartment was replaced by Flem's, its design was later used for the Shopping Mall, even having Punt standing outside the building. This hints that Punt may be the corresponding character to the shopping mall, just like Flem is for Flem Manor, and Dosh is for Dosh's Palace (and so on). However, as he was removed after the redesign, this may just be a theory.


  • There are two different images of Punt's Apartment, one being of Rum's Cove, the other being of the Shopping Mall. It's unknown which one is real, or if both or neither of them are real.