Nest Street
Nest Street Halloween
Vital statistics
Location Outside your nest (Map Only)
Release Date September 2014
Character None
Attractions Nest
Games Konnect Mulch, Flip-Mulch, Squares, 2 Ball
3D Features? No

Nest Street is a social location located just outside your nest; however, it can only be accessed from the map as of 2014, it was on the map and after the nest update could be accessed through the nest. This is where all new players arrive when they first start Bin Weevils.


Nest street appears to be a small neighbourhood with four nests visible in the background; with one of these being the player's own nest.

Located right in front of the nest are four games: Flip-Mulch, Konnect Mulch, 2 Ball, and Squares. After the removal of Peel Park and Ink's Orange Peel, Nest Street became a popular place to play the multiplayer games.


  • As of December 2017, Nest Street is covered in white snow. One of the nests in the distance is also wearing a scarf