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Kips Scrapyard COMING BACK?!

Kips scrapyard might be coming back to the bin!01:36

Kips scrapyard might be coming back to the bin!


Kips scrapyard old bin
Kip's Scrapyard was an old place in the Bin which has since been removed and replaced by Tink's Tree. It was famous for its Crown Bubble. From the 2nd February 2016, you can find Kip's Scrapyard in the time portal.

Appeared: Old bin (2007-2011)

New bin: 2011 - current

Vanished: 13 May 2011

Place: Kip's Scrapyard

Like Ink's Orange Peel, it is no longer on the main map. They were both demolished on the 13th of May, 2011.

Evidence of Comeback

In the BinWeevils Bedroom (a short promotional place advertising the new BinWeevils toys), Kips Scrapyard was visible on a picture of the BinWeevils Map on the wall. This map was the new map featuring Flum's Fountain and Tink's Tree. It is unknown whether this means Kip's Scrapyard will soon return, or just that it is a picture of an old map they did not use. It is unlikely to return; no area has returned before.


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