Ink's Orange Peel
Vital statistics
Location Bin Bottom (Formerly), Time Portal
Release Date 2003 (Original), 2007 (Re-release), 28th May 2014 (Time Portal release)
Character Ink
Attractions Rotting Orange Landscape
Games Pool, Connect Mulch
3D Features? Yes

Inks Orange Peel was an old bin location which was replaced by Flum's Fountain, because Clott shrunk it down to a tiny size. It's removal was considered a very controversial issue, as the area was one of the most popular with most weevils. It was then closed on 13th May 2011.

This former Old Bin location was brought back on 28th May 2014 meaning this day, any player who has joined on 14th May 2011 or later got to see this room for the first time ever. It has been accessable through a "time portal" in the Bin Pet Paradise, though not on the main map.


It was based on a partailly rotting orange, with some pillars in the middle. It was a 3D location and had a noticeboard where you copuld check your buddy messages and also post publuic shoutouts and announcements (for the one server only), as well as two games of pool. The crown hunt often used to be here and some people accredited the hunt as part of Inks Orange Peel's demeanor, especially as an argument for returning it.

You can still see parts of the orange near Flums Fountain, and on the Dirt Valley track two. These are presumably areas that Clott failed to shrink down.


There was some controversy on the removal of Inks Orange Peel as a location, although much of this has died down and is now limited to web forums and the like. In the period after it was removed, there were three "Big Riots" to try to have the team change it, and there were several smaller such events (several people tried to pass of three of these smaller events as "Big Riots 4, 5 and 6", although there is no evidence that they were of sufficient size to support this).

As persuaded by the "Inks Orange Peel Fan Club", a hacker managed to restore Inks for around two hours on the Ooze server, but the changes were swiftly reverted.