You may also be looking for the Card Game also named Good Vs WeEVIL

Good Vs Weevil is SWS Case File #1


(Contains Spoilers, Browse at your own Risk)

Lab is mixing potions together to create Clones but the Potion turns Orange and Labs Lab explodes and a Mysterious Green cloud covers the binscape. Suddenly Weevils are running away from their WeEVIL counterparts emerging from the Lab. The Player closes the case file and begins the mission. The Player then travels through places and solves many puzzles. Eventually the Player Realizes that Slime Sauce is their weakness so with the help of Slum the player makes Slime Sauce. The player then loads it into a gun and then defeats many of the WeEVIL's. The Player then goes inside of Labs Lab and navigates through the complicated passages all the way to the Attic. There WeEVIL Lab has captured Lab and tied him in a rope, the player must defeat WeEVIL Lab and free Lab.


  • Good Vs WeEVIL Virtual Bin Badge
  • (Unspecified Amount) Mulch