You could be looking for the SWS Case file also named Good Vs WeEVIL

Good Vs WeEVIL is an Expansion pack of the Mulch Mayhem Card Game which features WeEvils, which are failed lab experiments created by Lab. They try and terrorize the bin for an unknown reason.


An Example of a code card


The Cards feature the Good, which are normal everyday weevils (For example, Dosh, Gam ect;) and the WeEvils, which as stated above are failed lab experiments that resemble mutated versions of the Good.

There are  types of cards, they are:

  • Limited Edition (Only in Magazines)
  • Normal
  • Code Card


  • WeEvil is the words We Evil combined into Weevil as in Binweevils
  • The name is a pun of Good vs Evil