Gong's Pipenest
Gongs Pipenest
Vital statistics
Location Bin Top
Release Date 2007
Character Gong
Attractions Pipes, Promotional Advertisements, Haggle Hut, Competitions
Games None
3D Features? No

Gong's Pipenest is a Location situated in the Bin. The activities there are accessed via three pipes, thus making it a "pipe-nest"


Pipe One

The Pipe on the Far Left is rarely used, and is only used for promotional events as gateway to themed locations.

Pipe Two

The Pipe in the centre houses the Haggle Hut, where Players can sell unwanted Items for Mulch.

Pipe Three

The pipe on the right has the Competitions, where players can enter to win items in real life.


Gongs Pipenest used to only have the Competitions Pipe. The Ticket originally took players to Rigg's Movie Multiplex, then called Rigg's Palladium. Since then, the Ticket Lost its function, and Pipe Two opened.

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