The Giant Mushroom is a plant in Bin Weevils. It can be bought in the Garden Shop.

General information


It can be bought for 995 Mulch when you have reached level 8 and a tycoon.


It can be harvested for 140 Mulch and 14 XP. Like all plants, it harvests more Mulch than it does XP.


It grows in two and a half days, but it is ready to harvest in three days after its growth. If you do not harvest it by that time, it will still live, since it is a permanent plant.


The Giant Mushroom is a permanent plant, meaning it lives forever in your garden, continues growing itself again after a harvest and you do not have to harvest it within three days - you can harvest it even later.


Usually it has a twisted, yellow stalk and a red cap with the seeds at the bottom. Sometimes its appearance changes, though some parts are retained.

Starting to Grow

When it starts to grow, it begins off as a little mushroom with a yellow stalk and a grey cap. Its cap is grey and not red when it is ready to be harvested.

At Harvest

At harvest, the Giant Mushroom has smaller multi-colored caps of mushrooms when it is at its harvest. It still has its seeds at the bottom.

After Harvest

After a harvest, the Giant Mushroom retains its yellow twisted stalk and red cap with white dots. It still has its seeds at the bottom.


  • The Giant Mushroom's size is different in comparison to other mushrooms. Other mushrooms are mostly rare and smaller than the Giant Mushroom. The Giant Mushroom is not rare and bigger, however.