Flum's Fountain was a new place in Bin Weevils, and replaced by the famous Ink's Orange Peel. Flum's Fountain was cleaner than Ink's Orange Peel.

Flum's Fountain was built on 13th of May 2011. It was a very busy place where players and even moderators went to. Some weevils protested about the disappearance of Ink's Orange Peel.

Ink's Orange Peel was popular, and everyone adored it. However, players changed their minds when Flum's Fountain appeared.


At Flum's Fountain, you can collect Mulch, XP, Happiness and Fitness.

You jump on the border when one of the squares lights up. This will release water from the fountain. The water will plop onto a mushroom which will make it grow.

When a mushroom is fully grown, it will whizz into the air and leave behind a bubble which a weevil can click on to receive.

The addition of Flum's Fountain

Due to the loss of Ink's Orange Peel, many weevils were angry at the new area, since it was smaller. This has caused many to leave the game altogether.


There are only two glitches discovered for Flum's Fountain, and few people know it. You can get out of bounds. In a YouTuve video, a weevil manages to get on the track in the background.

The Remains of Ink's Orange Peel

If you look closely at the top of the area you will see two oranges. They are circled in red.

Flum's Fountain

The oranges are circled in red.

This is possibly a reference to Inks Orange Peel.


  • If you use the camera and have it at the right angle you see racing cars racing round Dirt Valley with no racers.
  • This place is often used to take pictures, mainly because many come here.

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