Figgs Cafe
Vital statistics
Location East of Rigg's Palladium
Release Date 2009
Character Figg
Attractions Ice Cream, Food
Games None
3D Features? No

Figg's Cafe is an eating establishment in Bin Weevils which is owned by Figg, a female Weevil in the Rigg family. It is on the same stretch of ground as Rigg's Movie Multiplex and Weevil Post. It is also neighbouring Club Fling.

Much like Tum's Diner, you can consume food at a table or serve food by grabbing a tray and clicking on a blue blob to select a food item to serve to a customer.

All food costs 25 mulch to eat, apart from an ice cream from an Ice Cream machine, which costs 10 mulch.


Figg's Cafe was first introduced in 2009, after construction decorations arrived in Rigg's Palladium.

Figg's Cafe has remained the same ever since it was first created. No features have been added or removed, apart from the Ice Cream machine, which was a later add in 2010.

Food available

Image-ice cream
  • Slime Sandwich
  • Club Sandwich
  • Bin Scone
  • Crushed Beetle Meringue
  • Dirt Doughnut
  • Mould Mousse
  • Eclair De Bin
  • Ice Cream from Ice Cream Machine

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