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See Dosh (Disambiguation).

Dosh's Palace is a location in Bin Weevils which the Weevil Dosh lives in.


Dosh's Palace was originally a 3D place. You could not go inside the palace itself. It featured many different outside features than Dosh's Palace does today.

Dosh's palace did open for a short amount of time for the 'Tycoon festival' which featured many carnival like activities for Tycoons.

Update - new look

In 2010, Dosh's Palace was updated to a new look. This changed it completely. Unlike before, Dosh's palace became 2D and you could finally go inside it, as it was open permanantly.

This change did not affect the appearance of Dosh's Palace on the Map until May 2012, however, despite the Map showing the older, completely different outdated version.

In March 2013, a competition was held to design a new version of Dosh's Palace to display on the outside. This was won, and displayed throughout the Easter holiday, before it was removed and the look went back to normal. The winning look was a chicken hatching out of an egg.

Features inside Dosh's Palace

Inside Dosh's Palace, the main feature is the The Weevil Changer.

Dosh's Palace used to have 'registration' room, where all new Weevils went to register their Weevil. This was a door on the right, however it was removed and replaced with Hem's Hats in Summer 2013. All new players now have to register their Weevil before they make a new account, as per the update in March 2013.

It also had a room on the right called 'THE BIN TYCOON EXPERIENCE' where you could see a video advertising Bin Tycoon. This was also removed in 2012 and replaced with a new Bank Machine.

On the back there is also a room for the SWS mission 'Danger at Dosh's palace'. Only Tycoons who accept the mission can go there, however. It is purely the mission.

Dosh also comes out on the balcony every 5 minutes (previously 15 minutes). He throws down Mulch, which Tycoons can click on and recieve at random. You can only do this once a day, however.


Old Dosh's

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