Dirt valley race track is a place where you can race against other weevils and do time trials. It is one of the few remaining places in Binweevils which has not recieved a facelift since its 'birth' into the bin during 2007.

Main Racetracks

Dirt Valley has 3 main race tracks, which has been there since it was first created in 2008. These are lablled simply as 'Track 1, Track 2 and Track 3'. Everybody, by default, can only race on Track 1 (the easiest track) first. If you complete 3 laps within a certain time limit, however, you can earn a trophy and progress onto the next track, until you get to Track 3 (the last track).

The trophies range from bronze, silver and gold, the gold is the most challenging to get. The one you get depends on what time you can complete the laps by! If you earn a trophy, you can place a model of it in your nest.

Time Trials

On each main track there is also a feature called 'Time Trials'. This is a single player feature which let's you do 3 laps on your own, without racing anybody. This is commonly used for people trying to get a trophy quickly and without having to wait for other people to join a multiplayer game, also used for practicing.

Time Trials feature the exact same track as the multiplayer version.

Track Builder

In 2012, a new feature called 'Track Builder' was added to Dirt Valley. When clicking on the main entrance, you are taken to a new room, in which you can build your own track or race other tracks that other people have built!

Unknown / unannounced changes

-In 2010, it was announced by Scribbles that a new track called 'Track 4' would be added to Dirt Valley.

This promise ceased when Scribbles said that they had to cease production of Track 4 due to lack of space to build on. No further news or updates have been realsed on Track 4, so it is unknown whether it will ever exist.

It has been said that 'Track 4' will be based upon ideas from 'Track Builder' in a recent email via The Bin Weevils Team.

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