Castle Gam
Castle Gam is a location in Binweevils. It is the prime place for SWS missions and the SWS HQ is located inside.


Castle Gam is most famous for being the headquarters of the Secret Weevil Service. The HQ room is located on the door to left inside the Castle.

Dungeons and Sewers

Only SWS tycoon members can enter the Castle Gam dungeons and Sewers. Inside you can find scattered mulch which can give you a maximum of 500 Mulch!


Shortly after the new bin was exposed, Castle Gam got a makeover and became 2D. Even though the outside got a new look, the inside stayed more or less the same. Everyone can now get mulch by filling up the pot on left on the castle with goo. They can do this by jumping on the circles and working together.

In April 2013, the outside of Castle Gam was edited slightly with some SWS decorations. There was a metallic door placed at the entrance with 'SWS' written on it, and some hologram devices around the outside. They're still there today.

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