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Bin Weevils is the main name of the game played and used by thousands of children daily. It is the best and most comprehensive game on the web. It consists of changing areas and changable Weevils. It has had 2 makeovers altogether, one was quite recent. It all started in 2000 when the Bin was open for the world to enjoy. From 2000 - 2003 Binweevils opened up with Nickelodeon. After 2003, an update came and it's fame began to grow due to advertisment from Nickelodeon. The Bin continued to grow, but in 2004 Bin Weevils left it's partnership with Nickelodeon and became a alone standing company - Bin Weevils Inc. In 2007 a Major update came chainging the ways of the bin and making the bin something similair to the one now in 2014. The 2007 layout set the main changes and caused maintance on Bin Weevils for over 4 - 6 Weeks! In 2009, another update occured with the addition of the Weevil Changer and addition with 3D Areas. In 2010 another update happened, changing some 3D places and updating the outerface. In 2012 another update happened with the addition of Tink's Tree, Flum's Fountain (replacement of Ink's Orange Peel) and Dosh coins. With Dosh coins, the bank of Dosh was promised but nothing has been heard of ever since. In 2013 another update happened with Club Fling and took away Tycoon Island. At the start of 2014 a slight update happened with the display of your Mulch/Dosh coins. As well as the addition of Badges and a change in the News button on the actual game which was previously in your nest.