Bin Pet Paradise is a location in Bin Weevils which is themed around Bin Pets. It is also home to the Time Portal, in which you can access areas that were previously removed.


Bin Pet Paradise was released in late 2013 as a place themed around Bin Pets. It is free for anyone to visit, but the building 'Pet Style' and owning a bin pet is for Bin Tycoons only.



Upon clicking the Pet Style, you are presented with two options: Pet Studio or Bin Pet Changer. The Pet Studio allows you to dress up and take pictures of your Bin Pet for its profile. The Bin Pet Changer allows you to change the colors of your Bin Pet, but not for free.

In May 2014 the time portal opened. It is located to the right of Pet Style. Once you enter it, you can access the older Binweevils areas, Peel Park (Added 2014), Inks Orange Peel (Added 2014) and Kip's Scrapyard (Added 2016).

Before the time portal appeared, you could click on the temple and it would show an external interface that said "Bin Pet Temple - Coming Soon", this idea was obviously discontinued. Many people suspect that this could have been the same area as the SWS Mission (Raiders of the Lost Bin Pet).

To the right of the time portal is the Bin Pet Shop. When clicked, you are taken to the Bin Pet Shop, which is located in the Shopping Mall.